Current events in the world are causing a rapid evolution of life as we’ve known it, leading many to have feelings of anxiety, fear, depression, and panic. 

 How do these feelings contribute to disease (dis-ease) and other conditions in our physical bodies?

When we live in a fearful and anxious state, it is nearly impossible to think freely and creatively. Imagine the opportunities that are missed personally, socially, and financially when you are operating under chronic stress. Not to mention that chronic stress has been found to be at the root of almost all disease.

I’m Meghan, and I can help you understand and release this stressful, anxious, and fearful way of living through online therapy, coaching, and/or private yoga therapy sessions. As a clinical facilitator of the Overcome! program, I can also help you discover why these patterns developed in the first place and how you can eliminate them to live with more ease and contentment.

*Online sessions are now available for all services!

In-person appointments, programs, workshops, and yoga classes are available locally in the Albuquerque, Santa Fe, and East Mountain areas of New Mexico on a limited basis.  

After years of study in the fields of sociology, psychology, social work, coaching, health, and yoga, it is with an intense curiosity about the things that make us who we are that I strive to offer you support and guidance in your journey towards living a healthier, more joyful, and peace-filled life.

Isn’t it about time that you found ways to experience life that are meaningful and purposeful to YOU?

Would you like to have someone who is there to listen from a place of compassionate understanding, to help you unravel all of those places that feel painful, uncomfortable, or stuck so that you can discover the beauty of life around you and within you?  

Send an email to [email protected] or call (505)393-6489 with questions or an appointment request.  


I look forward to hearing from you

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