Yoga is about creating awareness. Awareness of bodily sensations, fluctuations of the mind, and movement of the breath.

You’re never too old, too sick, or too set in your ways to begin a yoga practice.

There are no pre-requisites or have-to’s.

Sometimes a practice is just sitting quietly, noticing each breath.  Sometimes it’s gentle movement to release years of tightness, stress, or trauma. Sometimes it’s an invigorating and challenging flow, synching body, mind, and breath.

Feeling stressed, anxious, or having difficulty sleeping? Try my 20-minute yoga for restful sleep video:

Specialized sessions, classes, and workshops are available for emotional balance, anxiety relief, joint health, postural concerns, trauma education and release, strengthening and core support, and more.

Schedule a private, group, or corporate session today that addresses your unique concerns and goals.  Sessions are now available virtually via Zoom!   Contact [email protected] for more information  on scheduling an online session or to inquire about private sessions in your home, workplace, or at a studio in the East Mountain, Albuquerque, and Santa Fe areas of New Mexico.   

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