What is iheart?

iheart is a non-profit organization based in London (and rapidly spreading globally) that stands for Innate Health Education and Resilience Training.  The vision of iheart is to create a paradigm shift in mental health education and youth work, so that all young people learn to uncover their innate wellbeing and potential to become resilient, contributing members of society.  How?  By using a transformative approach based on the core belief that "we already have everything we need inside of us"- which is uniquely focused on mental wellness, prevention, and education.

Who is the iheart program for?

Licensed facilitators throughout the world are teaching the iheart curriculum to young people ages 10-18 years in schools, small group settings, and through private tutoring.  Over the last decade, there has been a tremendous surge in anxiety, depression, and stress amongst pre-teens and teens, resulting in a staggering uptick in self-harming behaviors, aggression towards others, and astronomical suicide rate increases.   Clearly, the current methods we're using to address these concerns that are based on a diagnostic medical model involving acute care, follow-up treatment, and recovery are not working optimally due to their lack of focus on the most critical component at the root of wellness-PREVENTION!  

This is where is the iheart program steps in and has the potential to respectfully disrupt the current paradigms.  Not to replace our current models, but to enhance, educate, and engage young people, teachers, and parents in the true origins of wellbeing.  Just to give a little hint, we teach young people that their wellbeing does not come from popularity, achievements, praise, social status, or appearance.  To quote one of my favorite lines from the program, "it's an inside job."     

How does it work?

I teach the evidence-based and internationally acclaimed iheart curriculum to individuals, families, school settings, and small groups of similarly aged young people in a fun, dynamic, and experiental format where each of the 11 builds upon the last to reinforce key learning concepts.  

Designed and studied by professionals in the fields of education, mental health, and artistic design, the stimulating curriculum ensures that students' engagement remains high throughout the modules as they take a journey towards understanding the true source of inner wellbeing.  Students are able to insightfully learn from their peers' experiences to draw upon their own strengths and resilience during interactive discussions, guided activities, self-reflections, videos, and group exercises.   

Ideally, I will meet with an individual, family, group, or class one to two times per week for 11 sessions that are 50-60 minutes long.  Sessions can be adjusted for the particular needs or time contraints of the group, including additional lesson time to focus on primary areas of concern (student stress, peer pressure, bullying, suicide prevention, parenting/staff engagement, etc).  

Within a classroom setting, it is imperative that the teacher is available and participating in the program to reinforce what the students will be learning and to provide classroom management.  The iheart facilitator is not a school employee and their role is one of education enrichment and student engagement.  Any disciplinary concerns that arise are solely within the purview of the school staff. 

What will we learn?

Throughout this program, young people (and the participating adults!) will discover that they can handle any challenge that life brings their way by learning:

  • where confidence truly comes from and how to have it in any situation
  • how to navigate through all of life's challenges with more ease and less stress
  • that they are always whole and can never be emotionally or psychologically broken or damaged
  • that everything they need to thrive is already within them
  • how to make lasting, positive changes 
  • how to be more accepting and kind towards others who may be different from them
  • how their psychological system operates in a way that is logical and predictable
  • the true origins of stress and anxiety 
  • how to stop worrying about the future
  • how to stop labeling themselves and others
  • what's at the root of bullying behavior and angry outbursts
  • how addictions form and how to break our attachments to them

Yes-we need this!  Now what?

To learn more about the program, view sample videos, and hear testimonials, go to: https://iheartprinciples.com/.

Contact me at (505)393-6489, by using the form below, or by sending an email to [email protected] for more information or to schedule a free 20-minute peek at the program via Zoom!  

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