Are You Addicted?

My kids and I have frequent “discussions” about technology addiction. Now, as adults we know we aren’t addicted to our devices, right? Anyone from my parental generation grew up without cell phones, internet, (and in my case) about 4 clear TV channels.

So theoretically, we know how to be bored for longer than 30 seconds and we know how to interact face-to-face with others.

This weekend I invite you to put this to the test. If you’re waiting for someone, in a line at a store, or otherwise just standing or sitting around, how long does it take before you get the itch to check your phone? How long can you sit or stand just people watching or taking in your surroundings?

How long does it take before you use or check your phone while you’re in conversation with someone else?

P.S. As I’m writing this, both of my kids are hovering over me, asking when they can go on electronics even though they are supposed to be outside playing.

And I’m typing this on my computer, so we’re guilty of overuse around here too. But it’s in creating this awareness that we can start to break the cycle and snap out of addiction.

If anyone is courageous enough to message me about their results, I’d love to hear about them for this unofficial human behavior study.

Which may or may not be used as evidence in future “discussions” with my children.

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