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Cleaning Up My Mess

Why do we do the things that we do?

Make the choices that we make? Why do we sabotage ourselves and our relationships? When we desperately want to change, why does it seem like we just can’t get there?

Most importantly, why do we stay locked in our stories suffering, sometimes for years? What does it take to just feel BETTER?

Have you spent years being out of touch with your body and the messages it’s sending you?  When we’re stuck in a frustrated or anxious emotional place, there can be physical tension in the body all the time. 

This can cause us to feel stressed, jumpy, and short-tempered.  Sometimes this goes on for so long that we don’t even realize that it’s there or how bad we feel until a health or relationship crisis occurs. 

Or conversely, we can become so disconnected from our bodies and our true desires due to depression and resentment that YEARS can pass before we realize that we are essentially living inside of a cocoon, trying to avoid feeling our emotions by overeating, overdrinking, or tuning out life altogether, wasting time scrolling the internet or mindlessly watching TV.

I was guilty of this as well.  I was a stay-at-home mom by choice, having left a career in social work because I wanted to be present for my kids in a way that my own mom hadn’t been able to be present for me. 

For several years, it seemed like I was in a constant battle with myself.

On the one hand, I was grateful that I was able to stay home with my kids and be there for every single milestone in their lives. 

On the other hand, everything that made me “me” prior to having kids seemed to be evaporating.

I started getting resentful and angry when I would get comments about being “just a mom,” as though that were a state of being less-than. 

I noticed when talking to people who were professionally employed that as soon as I said I was a stay-at-home mom, they lost interest in talking to me, as though I had nothing of value to offer the conversation. 

I noticed that after doing all of the daily mom tasks, I would pick up my kids from school and have literally nothing to tell them or my husband about my day, because there was truly nothing exciting to tell.

Have you ever talked to a mom with adult kids or a grandma who says something along the lines of, “Treasure the time with your kids…they grow up so fast.” Or maybe you relate to the old adage, “The days are long but the years are short.”

As a stay-at-home mom or a working mom, you know that the days can certainly be long.

But then a year, two years, five years have passed and you have no idea what happened in that time, and where you got lost or off track pursuing the things that spark a fire in your soul.

I had to do something…start somewhere…before parts of me just completely vanished.  It is because of this that I offer you, dear friend, the tools, tips, and guidance that have helped me get back to being me and that I know will help you get back to being you. 

We can all be examples of what is possible for our daughters and sons.

The more successful mothers we have in the world, the more successful people we have in the world, as we are shaping the generations to come.

If you don’t have children yet or they aren’t even in the life vision you have for yourself, simply being an example to yourself of what is possible can be the difference between having a life and living one. 

ALL of us have the ability of us to do something amazing in the little blip of time we are on this beautiful planet.

Won’t you join me in creating a life without all of the unnecessary suffering we heap upon ourselves?

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